VERSADECK Ground Protection Mats

VERSADECK ground protection mats protect sensitive surfaces, and also provide access and traction over sand, mud, and other soft sites.

VERSADECK mats (commonly known as bog mats or track mats) may be used to create temporary roadways for vehicles, large work pads for drilling or administrative compounds, as well as portable flooring and other industrial applications.

VERSADECK mats are utilized by many industries including, Mining, Power, Drilling, Arboricultural, Heavy Lifting, Military, Councils, and Cemeteries, to name a few.

Please note - VERSADECK Access Mats are not to be used under outriggers

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- Light weight - Makes them easy to handle

- High load bearing - Supports heavy vehicles weighing up to 80-100t*

- Large checker tread pattern - Superior traction

- 6 handles holes – 2 on each side, 1 on each end - Ergonomic Design

- Compact size - Easy maneuvering & storage

- Safety yellow colour - Reduced turf scorch

- Manufactured from virgin(not recycled) materials - Stronger construction


VERSADECK ground protection mats have a 13mm thick core (20mm thick including the tread), and are available in the following sizes:

- 2000mmL x 1000mmW - 26kg

- 2000mmL x 600mmW - 16kg


Quality ground protection mats

Not sure if VERSADECK ground protection mats are right for your business or event? Contact us for a comprehensive consultation from one our experienced team members to find the perfect solution for your needs. We are proudly Australian owned and offer delivery to every part of the country. Backed by excellent customer service and support, our ground protection mats offer peace of mind when protecting your equipment and surfaces. Portable, easy to set up and pack down, VERSADECK ground protection mats support heavy vehicles and offer superior traction with a large checker tread pattern.

* On firmer surfaces