Testimonials - Bog mat solutions

We have lots of happy customers Australia-wide who have found the perfect bog mat solution for their ground protection needs. Read what some of our customers have to say about their experience with ENVIREX bog mats and contact us today.

We bought some black mats with round dimples, we try to be careful using them but we have cracked 2 in the last week. They’re not as good as the ones we have from you.

The bog mats worked a treat, preventing trucks from getting bogged as access to our line was through an indigenous heritage area.

Power Company - SA

We have been hiring black mats from (one of Australia's largest Hire Co's), and we keep breaking them when we drive trucks over them. With your mats, we drive 80t cranes over them, and they work perfectly!

Power Company - NSW

We could not have done the job without them

Crane Operator – VIC

We’re going to take our steel plates back and cut them up for scrap

Relocatable House Builder – VIC

Attached are the photos of our crane borer rather stuck. In the photos you can see prior to the bog mats being used, the crane once bogged was winched using the hydraulic winch for 120m. But with the ground having no bottom and the diff housings dragging the crane was not going to come back up easily. After breaking recovery chains & several hours trying to recover the crane the recovery was abandoned until the next day when we returned with our VERSADECK® bog mats and had the crane recovered in under two hours. Once the crane was on the mats we simply drove the crane over the swampy ground out to the road. This allowed the crane work to be completed & the next stage of the project could be undertaken.

A great product which has enabled several of our projects to be completed in these recent wet times. We have the plan B to recover our valuable plant, enabling production & tight timelines to continue un-hindered.

Power Contractor - NSW

We put the mats to use yesterday with our 25 tonne crane over an uncompacted levee bank. They worked very well, so much so that a large contractor on site hired them for their loaded concrete trucks

Crane Operator – TAS

Couldn’t have got thru this winter without them

House Relocater – VIC

The VERSADECK® mats are an excellent investment, they are proving very useful

Power Company - NSW

Our VERSADECK® mats have paid for themselves 100 times over

Power Company - NSW

The VERSADECK® material is easily installed and in our case required simple grading of the fill sand to facilitate installation. The temporary access roads constructed for the Project included multiple two lane (7.3m) sections, some over 610 metres in length, which provided viable access for the Project’s initial heavy equipment mobilization including cranes, tracked piling rigs, off-road earthmovers, 12 metre tractor-trailer rigs, and many other typical heavy construction equipment. I would recommend VERSADECK® for anyone needing a quick, durable, reusable and multi-use matting material for roadways, lay down areas and other uses.

Engineering Manager, LNG Project

We had a EWP bogged in a muddy paddock and we just jacked it up and slid the mats under her and we drove her along relaying mats in front till we were on dry ground. The next day we were dry bogged in a sandy paddock and did the same procedure of laying the mats out under the crane this time, and we managed to complete our work, we could not have succeeded without the mats.

Power Company – NSW

We were using a D6 dozer to pull us in and out of site, but it broke the surface and it went straight down, so we used the mats, and we drove straight in and out

House Relocater – QLD

Boys are rapt with your VERSADECK® mats

Cemetery Manager - VIC

These mats give us an edge over the competition

Crane Operator – QLD

So much easier to handle than our old steel ones

House Relocater – VIC

The mats are an excellent investment, they are proving very useful.

Power Company – NSW

Your VERSADECK® mats are brilliant. On site last week I pushed a crowbar 1200mm into the ground, and used your mats to get my crane in and out

Crane Company – QLD